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There shall be seminars in all subjects with provision for honours teaching in the College.


1. The name of the seminar shall be the Upendra Nath College Employees'/Students' Seminar, Soro.

2. The main aims and objectives of the Seminar shall be to-
a) Organise discussions, debates and symposia in the Subjects on various topics, aspects and problems relating to subject.
b) Organise study circle on the subject.
c) Produce / discuss / publish learned papers on the subject.
d) Invite eminent scholars to address the seminar.
e) Enrich the library and
f) Take such steps and measures as would further higher academic pursuit in the subject.

3. a) All honours students of the subject shall be ipso facto members of the seminar.
b) All teachers of the subjects shall be honorary members of the seminar and can, if they so desire, take part in the proceedings of the seminar without right to vote.

4. The Executive Committee for the seminar shall consist of-
a) President (Principal, ex-officio)
b) Vice-Chairman (Head of the Department, Ex-officio)
c) Secretary any student of the final year Honours class of the subject to be elected by the members under category 3 (a) above.
d) Assistant Secretary, any Student of the +3ll year Hons, class of the subject to be elected by the members under Category 3(a) above.
e) Members: All the students of +3 classes in the subject are ipsofacto members of the seminar

5. The funds of the seminars shall consist of voluntary contribution by the members.

6. Such teacher as will be nominated by the Principal shall remain in charge of the seminar library.

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