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The UN College Library is Computerized with prographic facility and contains 30,796 books arranged under different sections and sub-sections. The Students and Members of the staff use the Library. The Library has some rules which has been mentioned below.

  1. Library is open from 10.30am to 4pm on all working days.
  2. Transaction of books with the students will be done from 11am to 3.30pm on the working days allotted to each classes.
  3. Student intending receive books should submit their requisition slip containing the name of the book and index number along with library cards between 11am to 1pm.
  4. The Books borrowed by the students from the library should be return within 15days. When the last date of return of books fall due on an authorized holiday, it may be return to the library on the next working day.
  5. The borrowers of book will be penalized if the books are mishandled and torn.
  6. Text are to be issued to the students. Reference books should be issued to the members of teaching staff. The teaching staff shall return the books within 30days and non-teaching within 15days from the date of Issue.
  7. Rare books or text books of various departments willn't ordinary be taken out of the library. Certain books may also receive by the principal.
  8. In no case, one student can sign and borrow books in the name of another students.
  9. For verification of annual stock of library, the members of the staff should have return their books to the college library by the April every year. The Librarian is responsible for excess issue of books to staff members beyond the prescribed limit.
  10. The students who don't return the library books within the time allowed, a fine of 10 paisa per book will be charged extra per day of delay subject to a Maximum of Rs: 5/-
  11. In case of missing Library book, the borrower has to pay ten times the value of catalogue price if the missing book isn't replaced.
  12. Magazines and periodicals will be issued in the reading room only according to availability between 11.30 am t0 4pm. on submission of Identity card and borrowers slip.
  13. No book shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of he librarian.
  14. Every borrower should examine the condition of material before it is issued to him/her. Otherwise incase of mutilation discovered afterwards, the presumption will be against borrower.
  15. any book required by librarian for some special reason should be returned forth with.
  16. A book once issued to a borrower will be re-issued to him/her only if no other wants it. Books issued to a particular person can be reissued only for two successive occasions during a particular academics session.
  17. Students must return the library books, periodicals before filling up their application form for the final examination or before appearing class examination.


Dr Srikanta Samal
MSc. D.Litt., Principal



Upendranath College
Tel. No: 06788-221222
Fax. No: 06788-221222
Email: Principaluncollege@yahoo.com

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