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1. The Election of Office Bearers to college Union, other societies, +2 Cultural Association and other Association shall be conducted as per the guideline issued by the Government or on such date and manner as determined by the Principal. The college authority may postpone or cancel the election, if it is so felt for greater interest of the college.

2. Before the election or during the process of election and after election, students are advised to see that
a) There is perfect amity among the students.
b) Normal pursuit of studies, examinations and other academics as well as extra-curricular activities are not disturbed.
c) College walls are not disfigured.
d) Dignity and good name of the students, teachers, members of the Institution are in no way told upon.

3. The nomination papers as prescribed by the principal should properly filled in and being duly proposed and seconded, should reach the Principal atleast before three clear days of the date of election.

4. To represent the views of the members on all matters of their interest before the Authorities.

5. In case, a students has valid nominations for more than one Office, he/she shall have to withdraw candidature from all other offices, except one which he/she chooses to contest. If on the expiry of the date and time for withdrawal of candidature, it is found that a candidate has not withdrawn candidature from all other offices except one, his/her candidature to all offices shall become invalid.

6. The Valid nominations after proper scrutiny by the Principal or his nominees shall be published and withdrawals, if any may be made in writing as per notification.

7. No Member can cast more than one vote for each office.

8. The Candidate obtaining the Largest number of votes shall be declared elected.

9. In case of a Tie, the election of the successful candidate shall be determined by lot.

10. In no case will there be a recounting of votes.

11. A Member can cast his/her vote in favour of Candidate by putting a single cross (X) only on the right side of the name and the cross (X) should be strictly within the line of demarcation. Otherwise the vote will be declared invalid.

a) All the Office bearers will have to take oath of the office on the date specified by the Government or the date fixed up by the Principal.
b) If any office bearer fails to take oath of the office on the specified date, he/she has to take oath within (10) clear days positively, failing which the concerned post will remain under suspension for the rest of the session.


Dr Srikanta Samal
MSc. D.Litt., Principal


1 - 23.05.2020 - 6th Semester Exam Date

2 - 22.01.2020 - Laboratory Equipment

3 - 21.01.2020 - Book List

4 - 09.05.2018 - Issue of mark sheet from 11.05.2018

5 - 05.05.2018 - 4th Semester Practical Exam reschedule

6 - 04.05.2018 - +3 4th Semester Practical Exam Schedule

7 - 27.03.2018 - Internal program

8 - 22.02.2018 - Class Suspension

9 - 25.01.2018 - Observation of 69th Republic Day

10 - 19.01.2018 - +2 Science Practical Programme & Grouping

11 - 19/01/2018 - +2 Science Practical Programme & Grouping

12 - 19.01.2018 - Class suspension Notice

13 - 19.01.2018 - +2 Science Practical Programme & Grouping

14 - 15.01.2018 - Practical Notice +2 Commerce

15 - 15.11.2017 - Purchase of Voltas AC

16 - 14.11.2017 - Purchase of Science Equipment


18 - 26/09/2015 - Quotation

19 - 19/03/2014 - Quotation Call Notice for Supplying Laboratory Equipment


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